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Adam Frost is one of the UK's most exciting new children's writers.

His stories can be found in print, online and in exhibitions and installations.

His children's books typically feature talking animals or fantastical gadgets - or both. He has been nominated for the Ottakar's (now Waterstone's) Children's Book Prize.

Adam's online content can be found on a range of sites from London Zoo to DirectgovKids. He has produced online comics, interactive games and educational films.

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Run! The Elephant Weighs a Ton!

The second Nightingale family adventure. There's a jumbo-sized problem up at Whipsnade. A baby elephant has got stagefright and nobody can work out how to coax him back into the limelight. Can Tom and Sophie save the day again?

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Harry, Rabbit on the Run

When eating rabbits for your tea

Always cook them thoroughly.

Eat them slowly - never fast

And always save the ears till last.

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Animal Adventure exhibition and game,
ZSL London Zoo

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